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When is the time to consider a Summer weight Silk Duvet

We do like to talk about the weather in the UK and why not as at the moment we are going through a mini heatwave. May was a great month but June has been even better and as we enter July the temperature have continued in the high twenties or even thirty plus. 


Driving home from my parents in the Cotswolds yesterday at seven o'clock in the evening it was 30.5°C in the car. The air con was immediately put on as I tuned into the World Cup on my drive home.

Unfortunately, we don't have the luxury of air conditioning at home so when I arrived home at nine o'clock even though the temperature was down to 25.5°C the house still felt hot.

Summer Weight Silk Duvet

By bed time, we went to bed and despite the room feeling warm I knew that I was set for a good nights sleep as we had swapped in June to a Summer Weight silk duvet so would not overheat during the night. The combination of silk sheets and summer weight 2-4 tog duvet was a dream and in the morning I awoke fully refreshed.

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