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Silk Pillow Washing Label and Oeko-Tex Label
100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillow

    100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillow


      Elevate your sleep every night with our luxurious 100% Pure Silk Pillow. The ultimate sleep experience, it's filled with long-fibre Mulberry silk and cased in charmeuse silk, creating a hypoallergenic, incredibly soft and comfortable surface. Sleep in luxury.

      As silk is soft, breathable and wicks away any moisture it will help to keep your head at a constant cool temperature.

      This is a medium / soft pillow and has a low loft, typically with a 10cm (4 inch) natural height, designed to give the perfect amount of support to your neck and head. It comes complete with its own drawstring cotton bag to help protect your pillow when not in use.

       When choosing a silk pillow there are three points to consider. The quality of the silk used to fill the pillow, the amount of silk to fill the pillow and the material used to case the silk pillow. Our specification goes down the best route for all three criteria.

      1. Quality of silk - Cheaper products will use silk waste or Tussah silk (typically will be bleached to remove any smell and irregularity in colour). We use long fibre mulberry silk as it is naturally hypoallergenic, temperature regulating and will be long lasting. 
      2. Amount of Silk - We have a fill rate of a generous 1.2kg 100% of mulberry silk floss to ensure that there is adequate support and to allow the pillow to breathe. Beware of some silk pillows that use a central plastic core and wrap the plastic in a thin layer of silk.
      3. Case - We use a thick 16 momme silk charmeuse case to give you the ultimate luxury finish and to be fully resistant to dust mites. Cheaper cotton cased silk pillows partially remove the benefits of your silk pillow. 
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        • Support to your neck and head
        • Breathable Silk ensures your head stays cool
        • Naturally Hypoallergenic Qualities
        • Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer
        • Resistant to house mites and thus great for allergies,etc.
        • Filled with 1200g of long fibre Mulberry silk
        • Cased in 16 momme charmeuse silk

      Size:        50*70cm

      Go on relax and sleep on the most luxurious silk pillow.

      All our bedding complies with Oeko-Tex Standard 100.